Our stories speak about
our breakthroughs

They are the experiences behind each of our milestone that become the inspiration of new chapters in innovation.


An e-commerce Story

With the beginning of purchase and service digitization, e-commerce solutions began to appear as a future trend in the field. Channels sought to upgrade the level of services provided to consumers by establishing the “MyStore” E-commerce store. In line with the quantum leap in E-commerce in the region and Channels’ ambition to always stay ahead of the curve, we consider this platform a key achievement in terms of growth and development.


An LMD Story

Inspired by our employee commitment and created from a vision to combine digitization in our offered services with enhanced logistics, we decided to rollout Wa9el. This LMD catalyst platform was a first of its kind in the telecommunication field, allowing anyone to become part of our delivery network in their spare time and serve our customers as intermediates for the Channels offerings. By incorporating this new service, we were able to achieve excellence in customer service and take our digital transformation further.


An Electronic Payment Solutions Story

With the rise of e-payment technologies, as part of the digital revolution, Channels sought to answer customer needs through the establishment of Qwik+. Covering the lifestyles and interests of different customers, this electronic recharge platform enables the purchase of essential mobile offering such as prepaid mobile and data packages, as well as entertainment products, the likes of online or entertainment products, related to iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

Retail Management

A Brand Story

Since the very beginning, we believed that customers visit our retail stores for more than simple transactions. They come to us with ambitions to fulfill, questions to answer and concerns to address. That is why channels have decided to operate on principles of quality and efficiency at every location tended, supplied or managed by our agents. Every step of the visit, from display to process to atmosphere was meticulously designed, with no detail left behind. Our goal is to deliver the best in-store experience, be it products sales, services or customer response. We make sure to always deliver the same flawless impression, first or 100th.

Hajj and Umrah

A Culture Story

When focusing on the specific needs of our region, we at channels have launched our Hajj and Umrah products to serve the guests of the two holy cities by providing them with suitable products, from the moment they set for their journey in their origin countries, and throughout their visit. The development was based on our knowledge and insights from the market, which include the anticipation of an increase in Umrah visitors from 8 Million to 30 Million by 2030. Our two offerings were established in response to growing yearly demand in Channel services related to pilgrims, with exclusive coverage and services, as well as dedicated agents, fluent in more than 8 languages.