“STC Channels” Organizes a Blood Donation Campaign Across the Kingdom

In 2019, “STC Channels” launched its second blood donation campaign in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah under the slogan “A few drops of you means a lot to others,” which aims to support and enrich blood banks in different regions of the Kingdom. The campaign included the presence of the bloodmobile in several headquarters of the company to encourage its employees to donate blood.

The company’s employees contributed more than 30,600 mL of blood. The campaign included health awareness messages to ensure the safety of donors. This campaign is an effort by the company to promote the spirit of social responsibility and to consolidate its pillars in society.

“A few drops of you means a lot to others”, a simple sentence that motivated “STC Channels” employees in different regions of the Kingdom to support our blood donation campaign in order to support blood banks in different regions.