We lead in tailor made solutions with the products we offer.

Through our partners, we seek to answer market needs by providing and distributing cutting-edge devices and technologies.


We are the suppliers and distributors of the keys that empower customers and set tomorrow in motion. channels lead in the field of business handsets, broadband devices and mobile, smart accessories. We deal with top device vendors in the country like Apple, Samsung and Huawei to name a few. We also deal with leading accessory suppliers and offer gaming consoles, expanding to great potential and opportunities. We were the first to establish an exclusive device service center across multiple regions. channels offers every partner and consumer warranties on all products!


Our world and specifically our region are evolving, with a new era built around accessibility. Customers and end-users expect more responsive technology at the tip of their fingers, as the ongoing demand for ICT solutions has become an integral part of any business. channels has established partnerships with key local and global manufacturers in the field. We offer a variety of solutions that tailor to every need and requirement.


At channels, we keep up with technology trends and breakthroughs, always providing our markets with the latest the mobile world has to offer. We seek to devise multiple business opportunities related to mobile services partners, enabling them to grow through a comprehensive suite of cutting- edge products with attractive offers and exclusive discounts, in addition to attractive retail deals for a wide range of non-telecom products, including gift vouchers and exclusive offers.



We are major players in the home broadband revolution. We set up, coordinate and accompany our partners, in various business ventures linked to reselling and implementing residential services across our markets, along with attractive rewards that incentivize our partnerships.

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