Platforms and Tools

Supporting the digitization of our services are Channels’ cutting-edge online tools and digital solutions. Through these platforms, we provide our partners and consumers with a seamless and comprehensive user experience.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Our business ventures are more than mutual agreements. With the beginning of purchase and service digitization, we have established our E-commerce path. “MyStore”, in line with the quantum leap in E-commerce in the region and Channels’ ambition to always stay ahead of the curve. Our responsibility is to upgrade the level of services we provide consumers. We consider this platform a key achievement in terms of growth and development.

Electronic Payment Solutions (EVD)

We constantly follow the latest advances that can contribute to the development of the telecom sector and create easy access to our partners. Our offerings are built around cutting-edge payment methods for ease of transactions and hassle-free options with several services, such as EVD (a web-based solution and a handheld device that enable retailers to provide vouchers electronically), Point-of-Sale terminals and Pins terminals.

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