Our presence across our markets is our strength. We always seek to be within our customers’ reach to conveniently deliver our services and offerings.

Traditional Trade

Where we lead the telecom distribution industry

We want to be able to answer user needs across our markets. With more than 40,000 points of traditional trade spread across grocery shops and gas stations, our presence in traditional trade is the biggest in terms of points of sale and accounts for our largest revenue generation. Through an extensive distribution network channels can serve anyone, anywhere.

Modern Trade

Where we effectively deliver consistency

We adapt to demands of every scale. By branching out to modern trade outlets, channels can encompass new customer segments. Targeting quality subscribers, we now offer a diversified portfolio of products and services in prime locations, through several agreements with major modern trade outlets.


Where we offer a unified world-class retail experience

With an image that resonates across our markets, we are able to service more than 18 million customers per year as the main operator of all stc retail outlets. With our 200+ strategically located Fully Branded Outlets. Leveraging our field expertise, we can meet the needs of the end-users, as well as increase our customer base.

Digital Distribution

Where we shift the way we sell and operate

We seek to stay ahead of the curve. As part of channels’s aim to digitize the field, we offer an array of cutting-edge interconnected platforms. These include telesales (sales through telephones), E-Commerce platforms and applications, Last Mile Delivery services,myStore application, as well as 350+ self-service machines. These allow for personalized interaction, keeping us in-line with the latest user needs and lifestyle trends.

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