We always aim to achieve the level of excellency with our customers through developing and improving the quality of the service provided. As a result, we created a core intelligent crowd sourcing platform for digital delivery (LMD) built into a highly effective security application that enables delivery agents to fully control the level of service from receiving the order to completing the delivery. The platform enables the partners to view and live- track the delivery process. It also provides a detailed information at all levels.

Not only did we create this platform, but we also continuously managed and developed it and made sure to differentiate it with maximum flexibility. It also has a smart feature that transfers the accepted requests to the delivery agent based on the geographical points of the agent and the destination to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery process with an up-to-date live-tracking system, accompanied by an intelligent communication system that links the delivery stakeholders via instant chats and smart notification.

Key Features

%98 customer satisfaction

+7.2 million total delivered orders 

+120 cities covered

+14,000 Saudi professional agents

1-3 hours avg. delivery


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